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Hamza Ali Abbasi To Join Imran Khan For Fundraising Gala Dinner

Hamza Ali Abbasi is an avid Imran Khan fan and a very active supporter of his party; Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. He was very expressive on social media in favor of Imran Khan for a long time, and then he

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Ali Zafar Attended Shaukat Khanum Fundraiser!

Shaukat Khanum is one of the most trusted charities we have in Pakistan. Many celebrities support it as Shaukat Khanum provides free cancer treatment to about 75% of its patients. After the successful operation of SKMCH Lahore, the second one

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Meera To Compete Against Imran Khan!

Meera is making the headlines yet again. This time it isn’t because of her comments on any of her fellow actors or her marriage, but because of politics. In a recent interview, Meera announced that she will not only be

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Imran Khan Jokes About His Third Marriage

Recently Imran Khan attended a family friend’s daughter’s wedding where he was asked to make a speach. While congratulating the bride and groom, he said he can’t really give them any marriage advice as he himself hasn’t been successful at

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