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Iqrar ul Hassan Is Happily Married Second Time!

Iqrar ul Hassan was questioned over some family pictures by twitterati. The anchor shared that the pictures were of his second wife. When someone said that he was hiding his marriage, Iqrar shut them up all and replied in a

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Iqrar Ul Hassan Speaks Out From Burma

The plight Of Rohingya Muslims is making every kind heart shed tears around the world and especially muslims as we are all connected by faith. However, very few have taken the measure to leave the safety of their own homes

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Iqrar ul Hassan Criticizes Gharida Farooqi

In a shocking turn of events, the self proclaimed ‘social activist’ Gharida Farooqi was found to be keeping a 15  year old housemaid unlawfully  under her custody. The news blew up the internet and Gharida received a lot of heat

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Iqrar-ul-Hassan Celebrated Seventh Birthday Of His Son

The journalist and television presenter, Iqrar-ul-Hassan has celebrated the seventh birthday of his son, Pehlaaj. He has posted some beautiful pictures of the little boy with his birthday cake and has shared his joy with us. Pehlaaj has been seen

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The cutest conversation with Pehlaaj Hassan

The recent trend of Ramzan transmission hosts bringing their kids on the show have made the shows more endearing and family like. There are loads of extremely cute celebrity kids but I think no one comes close to Pehlaaj Hassan

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