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Sanam Jung Wants This News To Get Viral About Herself

Sanam Jung is a very popular name for a lot of time now. In the beginning her popularity was due to her acting skills and now she is famous for her hosting in her morning show Jago Pakistan Jago. She

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Four Times Sanam Jung Slayed In The Same Dress

It is said that Dress is important but not more important than the art of dressing. It is very true the choice of an outfit that would complement the personality of a person is crucial but the way you carry

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Who Wore It Better War: Three Celebrities, One Dress

With designers’ all the more eager to see their designs on the hottest celebrities of the moment and celebrities taking ‘inspiration’ from outfits of the past, there are bound to be clashes. Due to the judgmental sides of our personalities,

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Anum Fayyaz Introduces Her Husband on Live TV

Anum Fayyaz is the renowned talented actress of Pakistan. She has starred in many plays and has proved her worth as an entertainer from time and again. The actress got married in a secret ceremony, leaving her fans guessing who

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