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Remembering Junaid Jamshed !!!

Today marks the start of December which signifies that in six days, it will be exactly one year since Pakistan lost one of its most famous celebrities. The man who could not fit into either world in the literal sense

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Salman Ahmed To Release A Trubitary Documentary For Junaid Jamshed

Salman Ahmed and Junaid Jamshed have a long history. They were friends and partners and mates in the youth of their lives, when friendships are strong and sturdy and fully capable of lasting the whole lifetimes. After some constraints in

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Coke Studio Season 10 Ends By Paying Tribute To Junaid Jamshed

Coke Studio season 10 has ended on a beautiful note by paying tribute to the legend, the man who left too soon, Junaid Jamshed. Despite some disappointing numbers in the midst of this season, the end could not have been

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Waseem Badami And Sanam Baloch Remember Junaid Jamshed

“There was not a single day of Hajj when I did not miss Jaunid bhai.”  Juanid Jamshed is never far from memories and conversations in Pakistan. He was an enigma in his own self and not easily forgotten by anyone

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Junaid Jamshed’s sons release videos in his memory

Remembering Junaid Jamshed is one of the few things we will always do together as a nation, specially in Ramzan. He was a constant on TV for many years previously during this month and not having him around this time

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Jeeto Pakistan keeps Junaid Jamshed’s promise

Junaid Jamshed was one of the pioneer of Shaan e Ramzan and Jeeto Pakistan and certainly its most appreciated host. Unfortunately, last year he lost his life along with all fellow passengers on the fateful PIA flight from Gilgit to

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