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Sahir Lodhi’s Kids’ Dance Competition Strongly Criticised !!

The whole nation and especially parents everywhere are shaking in light of the recent events. There has been a mass of kids’ rapes and murders taking place in all parts of country but they have been highlighted glaringly after an

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Nadia Jamil Speaks Up About The Sexual Abuse She Faced

Nadia Jamil is one of a kind. Calling herself by the name Nadia Jamil Lahori, a proud paindoo on her social media handles, she is a fighter, a survivor and a helper. She is an actress, a mother, a teacher,

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It Is A Taboo Till It Happens!

We as a nation just have the feelings of disgust, shame and rage inside us right now. It is not wrong to say that we as a society have failed to provide protection to our children and justice to the

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Celebrities Raise Voice For Zainab!

Sometime back a city of Pakistan came into the news because it had people who were abducting and raping children and were also involved in selling child pornography. But did anything happen other than some days of it becoming a

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