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Khamoshi Episode 6 and 7 Review-Engagement Is Life!

So Naima is finally the winner in Atif contest. She is engaged to him and has reached the ultimate goal of her life. Naima character is so dark that it has become downright annoying. The writer must have tried to

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Khamoshi Episode 2 Review- Exploitation At Its Peak!

The pace with which this drama is progressing is commendable. Two episodes down and the story has progressed at a constant speed bringing on the original theme of the play. The director has really done a good job of not

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OST Of Upcoming Hum Tv Play “Khamoshi”

Hum Tv’s new play Khamoshi has us all excited and looking forward as it seems to offer something different. The leads are Affan Waheed and Iqra Aziz, the latter in a negative role this time. They have just released the

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Bilal Khan & Zara Noor Shooting OST For Upcoming Drama Serial

After ‘Sammi’, Bilal Khan has not only proved his mettle in music but has proved his worth in acting too. The refined role with on-point acting made him a choice for a lot of directors and producers available out there.

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