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Kinza Hashmi Shooting For Ishq Hai Tu In Muree

Ishq Tamasha was not a hit. In fact, it was a superhit serial of the year. It was the most surprising hit of the year as well. It did have a catchy story but I am sure the makers wouldn’t

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Kinza Hashmi & Hamza Firdous in Geo’s Mariam Binte Abdullah

West is producing great television. We may not be doing as well but if we compare our TV to our neighbouring country, we are doing quite good in terms of execution. Our portrayal of issues is more realistic which is

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The Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses 2018

The entertainment industry is full of beautiful Pakistani actresses whose beauty has not faded away with the passage of time. These beautiful Pakistani actresses have retained their freshness even though they have been part of the industry for a long

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Junaid Khan And Kinza Hashmi Sing At Ishq Tamasha’s Success Party

Ishq Tamasha is a drama serial that recently ended and despite it having the most messed up storyline and unnecessary drag, it turned out to be a super successful serial with ratings and everything. The serial got hype even before

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Most Beautiful Faces Of 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but there are some faces which are so strikingly appealing that everyone finds them attractive. The features alone do not define beauty but how a woman grooms and presents herself is also

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