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Laal Ishq Last Episode Review – A Terrible End

After singing praises for this play for many months now, I didn’t want to criticise its end. Hence I watched the episode twice, thrice but cannot say anything better about it. It was a disaster, an illogical, incomplete and very

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Laal Ishq Episode 25 Review – Exciting But Slow

This was the first episode that did a great job as usual in making you look forward to the next one but sadly, did not give much to reflect upon on its own. It would have been wonderful if a

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Laal Ishq Episode 24 Review – Deadly

This was such a happening episode that it has to reviewed alone. From such a beautiful start to such a tragic ending, every scene was shot to perfection.. And finally love has claimed another life, this time a totally innocent

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Laal Ishq Episodes 20-23 Review – Still Going Strong

These four episodes of Laal Ishq have taken the drama forward in huge steps and all of them equally engaging, intriguing and yet all the more complicated. For Ansa Mehrunnisa aka one woman army of Laal Ishq, things are downhill

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Laal Ishq Episodes 18&19 Review – Work Of A Genius

These two episodes of Laal Ishq were as mindblowing as expected by a drama that has set such high standards, not from marketing or promotions but sheer good quality script and acting. The inter personal dilemmas are translated in a

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