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Laal Ishq Episodes 15,16&17 Review – Drama Of The Season

If the dramas were truly appreciated for their screen play, plot and acting abilities of lead characters instead of their marketing budgets, I truly believe Lal Ishq would qualify as THE drama of the season. All three of these episodes

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Lal Ishq Episodes 12,13,14 Review – Awesome

As always, these episodes of Lal Ishq were absolutely flawless. The characters are eccentric, difficult, confused and yet so relatable, so endearing. To be honest, for quite a long time, this is the only drama that keeps you occupied in

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Lal Ishq Episodes 9,10,11 Review – Fatherhood Saga

These three episodes were also laced with superb dialogues, amazing performances, wonderful script and well flowing story. There were a few scenes though in which Faryal Mehmood’s (Mahi) acting seemed forced especially where she was telling Rameen about her brother’s

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