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Laal Ishq Episodes 18&19 Review – Work Of A Genius

These two episodes of Laal Ishq were as mindblowing as expected by a drama that has set such high standards, not from marketing or promotions but sheer good quality script and acting. The inter personal dilemmas are translated in a

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Lal Ishq Episodes 6,7,8 Review – Superb Dialogues

These three episodes of Lal Ishq were mesmerizing to say the least. There were powerful dialogues, strong performances and emotionally packed scenes. All the actors were fully inside the skin of their characters and that made the play a delight

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Lal Ishq Episode 5 Review – The Deadly Brother Sister Duo

So this was a good but non happening episode of Lal Ishq. We cannot judge this drama in the usual way regarding realism and practicality since the theme is totally different. The story is about people who are quite detached

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Lal Ishq Episode 4 Review – Powerful Performances

This was a beautiful episode packed full of amazing performances. It was more about character revealing than story building but that is perfectly fine because it was done brilliantly. It’s good to know a lot more about the characters and

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Lal Ishq Episodes 1-3 Review – Another World Altogether

This drama which is a sequel of Landa Bazar, a Khalil ur Rehman Qamar drama that was aired 15 years ago transports you into another world altogether. The writer and producer have tried to incorporate that story into the new

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