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Sami Khan, Madiha Imam And Furqan Qureshi Coming Together

The three wonderful actors Sami Khan, Madiha Imam and Furqan Qureshi are powerful performers individually. They can easily carry the ratings as well as emotional power of the dramas in which they act. This time, the threesome will be seen

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Zakham Episodes 25&26 Review – A Disappointing End

These two episodes marked the end of this drama which failed to make much sense in all the duration of its airing. There were some good pieces of acting, some strong characters and a nice family environment of the drama

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Zakham Episode 23 & 24 Review – Epic Fail

These episodes of Zakham started with running around in circles and ended on the same theme. There was nothing, absolutely nothing useful that happened in the drama. The characters are stuck frozen in time, their transformations are unreal and their

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Zakham Episode 16 Review – Leaves You Clueless

After watching today’s episode, i was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? The story has taken an abrupt turn on an unknown road with obstacles it does not know how to navigate. Just now Ahmed had died and the whole family

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Celebrities share how it feels to spend Eid away from Pakistan

Pakistan is home and home is where Eid is. Pretty straightforward.. but throw in work commitments, appearances, promotions and shoots, and you cannot always be home for eid. Such is celebrity life but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss their

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