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Mahira Khan’s Beautiful Birthday Wish To Her Mother

Mothers and daughters have a super cozy relationship. Mostly daughters take after their mothers and they become strong seeing their mothers fighting battles on every front every day. Daughters see their mother juggle work, maintain a social life, do chores

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Zara Noor Abbas Is All Praises For Mahira Khan

Actresses gossip about each other a lot but they can and they do praise each other as well where it’s due. Zara Noor Abbas and Mahira Khan have been seen together recently on the sets of film “Parey Hut Love”.

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Mahira Khan Shares A Picture From Her School Days

Mahira Khan isn’t just a talented star but also a natural beauty. She is one of those very few actors of our drama industry who have not undergone any surgeries and are not afraid of being seen without make-up. This

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Mahira Khan In A Throwback Mood

This unconventionally beautiful woman who has the whole Pakistan and a lot of people around the world crazy for her looks, her acting and her talent is still surprisingly quite humble about herself. Her instagram is full of feeds that

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