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War Is Still On About Maula Jatt Copyrights

Since the movie, The Legend of Maula Jatt has been announced, many conflicts with the movie’s copyrights have been happening. The producers of the original Maula Jatt, Bahoo corporation has sent many notices to Bilal Lashari and the CEO has been

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People Are Comparing Maula Jatt To Gladiator And Likes

Hollywood has always thrived on making epics. It is a genre mastered by them and they know what they are doing. Hollywood has produced some mega projects that went on to become classics. From war sequences to the overall period

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Maula Jatt 2 In Trouble Again

Maula Jatt 2 is in news ever since it has been announced. It is going to be Waar fame director Bilal Lashari’s second outing as a filmmaker and it’s huge star cast makes us look forward to the film. The

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Humaima Malick Bold Photo Shoot Got Too Many Negative Comments

Good looks and talent run in her genes. She has a beautiful sister who is also singer and just made her acting debut. She has an equally talented brother who is a heartthrob and a very fine actor. She herself

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Maula Jutt’s Release Date Confirmed

Maula Jutt is the cult classic of Pakistan. No movie ever came to that status which Maula Jutt achieved. Acclaimed filmmakers Bilal Lashari made waves when he announced the making of Maula Jutt’s sequel. The film has been in production

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