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Meera Jee’s Latest Conversation With Her Lawyer Went Viral

Meera Jee is known for her unique point of views and demands. The actress has indulged in several legal battles in the past. She has also been ridiculed for her lack of command on the English language. Meera is back

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Movie On Meera Jee’s Life?

Meera Jee has a very interesting personality. There is no doubt about that. Whether she worked on screen or not, she always remained in news. From going to Bollywood, bold scene, endless marriage rumours, Meera knows how to remain relevant.

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Meera Goes to Hollywood?

There’s no actor who knows how to stay in news and make headlines more than Meera Jee. She has always found her way into entertainment news’ websites and headlines of news channels and papers for one reason or the other.

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