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Worst Performances In Pakistani Dramas 2018

Actors play a pivotal role in ensuring that the characters they are enacting on screen turn out to be convincing and relatable. Pakistani drama industry is full of talented individuals who gave commendable performances this year but there were also

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The Most Annoying Characters Of Pakistani Dramas In 2018

The most annoying characters of Pakistani dramas in 2018 were all those characters which got on our nerves, made us grit our teeth and clinch our fists! These characters were intolerable and tested the patience of the viewers. Most of

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Worst Pakistani Dramas of 2018

Worst Pakistani Dramas of 2018 are all those dramas which viewers had huge expectations from but they did not deliver. Every single year, drama makers try their best to give Pakistani drama buffs some amazing dramas. At times they do

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Agha Ali And Aima Baig To Sing OST Of Mere Bewafa

Mere Bewafa is an upcoming play with the popular on and off the screen couple Agha Ali and Sarah Khan as the male and female leads. Agha Ali has also recently started singing and released his own video album, again

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