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Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Disappointed With Lux Style Awards

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a man of many talents. He has shown his versatility over and over along his career and has established himself successfully as a host, actor as well as a singer. Mohsin has been applauded several times

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Most Impressive Performances Of 2018

In any drama, as much as the story holds importance for it to click with the audience, brilliant performance by any actor holds equal importance too. Characters are used by the writers to convey the story and the actors, with

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Pakistani Dramas Based On True Stories

Pakistani dramas based on true stories – This list contains only recent Pakistani dramas based on true stories. Although, most of the writers take inspiration from true stories but very few of them reveal that a Pakistani drama is based

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Meri Guriya Episode 19 & 20 Story Review – Fast-Paced & Engaging

Meri Guriya Episode 19 & 20 Story Review – This drama continues to be extremely engaging and the performances tonight were once again simply mind-blowing! Most of the times, watching two episodes of a serial can be a daunting task

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Meri Guriya Is Coming Soon On ARY Digital!

A new drama serial is coming soon on ARY Digital. It will tackle the issue of child abuse in our society. Previously Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sonya Hussyn were known to be a part of such a project but the

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