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Muniba Mazari Cleared Of Defamation Charges

If you have followed the story of Muniba Mazari, you will get to understand how one woman can conquer all the odds, win all the battles and smile through it all. Her troubles are not your mundane everyday ones but

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Muniba Mazari Faces Criticism, Court Charges, Ousting And Replies To It All

Muniba Mazari, the thirty year old paraplegic has been the Iron Lady of Pakistan for a long time now. People are used to see her smiling face on the screens, billboards and the social media where she is very active.

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Muniba Mazari’s Ex-Husband Sues Her For 10 Million

Muniba Mazari had recently been going viral for her talk on an international platform where she walked the audience down the memory lane to the date of her accident. In 2008, after two years of marriage, Muniba and her husband

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Muniba Mazari Impresses Bollywood Heroes At VUAE’17

Muniba Mazari is always an epitome of strength, grit and determination in the face of harshest realities of life. One hearing of her story and one look at her beaming smile will make your forget moaning about the petty troubles

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Haroon Remade Dil Say Pakistan!

Haroon’s Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan is among the most loved National songs we have. In the real video a struggle of a family was shown that how they migrated and settled in their homeland. For the 70th birthday of

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Vivek Oberoi as mesmerised by Muniba Mazari as the rest of us !!

Indian actor Vivek Oberoi has recently met Muniba Mazari in Malaysia and his smiles and excitement show that she has enchanted him as much as she does the rest of us with her smile as wide as the day and

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