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How Neelum Munir’s Mother Raised Her Being A Single Mother

Mothers whether they are single or are along with their spouses, are the support system for their children and put so much effort in bringing the best out of their children so their child could become the best version of

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Umm E Haniya Episodes 1&2 Review – Interesting Start

So this week we saw this new drama called Umm E Haniya. It is certainly a promising one but had its flaws too. There are mainly three families at play here. First one is Romi’s who has a very supportive

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Release Date of Ahsan Khan and Neelum Munir’s Chupan Chupai Announced!

Pakistani cinema had been facing a decline for the longest period of time till a few years back when our cinema was revived with “Khuda Kay Liye”. Following that movie, a lot of others were removed and slowly and gradually,

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