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PEMRA Now Thinks That Pakistani Dramas Are Indecent!

PEMRA is no less than controversial celebrities. With nothing big airing out of place recently, they still somehow came out with a new notice as they now think that Pakistani dramas do not depict the true face of the society.

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PEMRA Directs TV Channels To Monitor Their Morning Shows

In this era of morning shows, there is hardly any one morning when the content or theme of the show is of ant social, academic or intellectual benefit to its audience or just anyone in the society. They range from

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PEMRA Issues Notices To Morning Shows!

Morning shows have become a headache with the low quality content they air. PEMRA also has become a very useless organization as they only give out notices to channels which get back to do the stuff they were warned for.

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PEMRA Issues Notices To ARY, GEO And HUM!

PEMRA is on a roll for sometime now atleast as far as issuing notices is concerned. PEMRA has issued notice to ARY Communications, HUM and Geo for airing indecent content. According to PEMRA the content was not in line with

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ARY Ignores PEMRA’s Orders!

On 7 July 2017 PEMRA banned Igloo’s advertisement from airing on any local television network because the ice-cream commercial contained objectionable content. The strongly seductive nature of the ad was considered inappropriate for the Pakistani audiences. Despite this ban, ARY

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