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Its Careem Vs Pepsi Now

Earlier Pepsi was known for the Battle of Bands and now it also has the Battle of Brands. Brand war is a thing worldwide. Different brands try to put each other down and this time the war is between soft

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Shaan Again Criticizes ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’

The renowned actor from our film industry, Shaan Shahid does not look happy with the comeback of program, ‘Pepsi Battle Of The Bands’. He had criticized the teaser of the show on one of his Facebook messages earlier and now

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Shaan Takes A Dig At Pepsi Battle of The Bands 2017?

Actor Shan Shahid enjoys a special place in our film industry. He is considered as one of the most talented and experienced actors and also one who doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind, regardless of his audience or circumstances.

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Fawad Khan’s Comeback Song’s Teaser Featuring Atif Aslam Is OUT

Fawad Khan has become an international icon. No matter where he goes, publicity and cameras follow. The one thing that we all had been impatiently waiting for, since a long time, was his comeback in the music industry. And, now

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Pepsi liter of light 2017

Pepsi’s new international campaign that gives light by using electricity through cheap plastic bottles has been increasing in popularity. The campaign is about providing light to remote and dark areas where there is little or no electricity. In Pakistan, the movement

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