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Sahir Lodhi and Amber Dance Together on Zalima

Sahir Lodhi is known for dancing with his guests on his show- even sometimes forgetting that they are sharing his dance floor and just getting lost in his own dance. Recently, the once famous anchor Amber Khan was invited on Sahir

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Amber Leaves During Sahir Lodhi’s Live Morning Show

Amber Khan was once a very popular morning show host. She hasn’t hosted any TV programmes or shows since a long time but she has managed to make a name for herself with the work she had previously done on

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Watch Sahir Lodhi Getting Insecure On His Show

Sahir Lodhi, the self acclaimed Shahrukh Khan of our industry makes sure he remains in the news for one reason or the other. He is unprecedented in doing the oddest of antics on every public platform that he gets the

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Sahir Lodhi Dances With A Girl From the Audience!

Sahir Lodhi is probably next to only Meera when it come to controversies. A few months back, he was making headlines because of his unjust and terrible behaviour towards a debater on his show and this video is also regarding

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Celebrity Siblings Of Our Industry

Pakistani entertainment industry has come a long way regarding breaking the taboos associated with it. Talented people from all walks of life including doctors, engineers and authors are entering the industry. Recent years has seen more influx of these people

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