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Khaani Episode 7 Review – The Story Stands Still

So this episode was essentially the same as last one, except a few minor developments like Hadi has become more vocal about his interest in Khaani and his parents’ doubt has turned into certainty that their boy is after more

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Khaani Episode 3 Review – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Here we are just done with the third episode of this play and things are not looking up, atleast story wise. The performances were brilliant though especially Rashid Farouqi and Salma Hassan. Mehmood Aslam and Saman Ansari are totally owning their

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Khaani Episode 1 Review – A Happening Start

This new drama aired for the first time today and it certainly looks promising, to say the least. Story seems a little cliched as in a happy family, middle class income and abundance of love and happiness. On the other

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Listen To The Beautiful OST Of Khaani By Rahat Fateh Ali

After mesmerizing two nations for more than decades now, Rahat Fateh Ali still manages to enchant the listeners with his voice quality, his magical vocals and his ethereal tone. He has recently sung the OST of Sana Javed and Feroze

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Meet The Stylist Behind Mehrunnisa V Lub U’s Promotional Looks

    Sana Javed has been the talk of the town due to her looks in the promotional events of Mehrunnisa V Lub U. She was always criticised in her dramas because of looking just the same in each and

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Team Mehrunnisa v lub you in Aaj Tv Iftar Show

The first official trailer of Mehrunnisa V lub you has been making ripples across the country. It is very well received and has much increased the anticipation for this mega release. Its song Bailiya has fast become one of the

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