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Sanam Jung & Alaya Duo Looks Adorable Together

Sanam Jung is one of the few celebrities from the entertainment industry who are really invested in their kid’s life. Ever since Sanam got married and had a daughter she hasn’t worked much. She is known for her morning show

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Sanam Jung Talks about Her First Love!

First love is special, no one can argue with that. It is the love that you can never forget even if you move on. There’s always a special place in your heart for this love. Whenever, whomever and whatever it was,

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Zakham Episode 15 Review – Shabbir Jan All The Way

This episode of Zakham was power packed with some extremely sensitive and emotional performances. However, there was one man who stole today’s episode, fair and square. The veteran Shabbir Jan once again proved why he is one of the most

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