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People Think Arisha Razi Looked More Like A Bride Than Sara

Sara Razi Khan just got married and sister Arisha Razi was the front row guest at all the events. We have seen both Sara Razi Khan and Arisha Razi Khan grow before our eyes. The girls started as child artists

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Sara Razi Khan’s Walima-Pictures

The young actress Sara Razi Khan got married recently. The actress had a four functions event scattered from Mayoun to Walima. She transitioned her styles immensely from her simple yellow Mayoun dress to a green on Mehendi to a blood

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Sara Razi Khan Wedding Pictures New & Exclusive

It was one of the most happening events in recent months when actress Sara Razi Khan got married. The young actress’s name is simply a household name. We have seen her flourish from a young child artist to a diva.

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Sara Razi Khan Mayoun/Mehndi – Pictures

The young actress we all saw growing before our eyes, Sara Razi Khan is embarking on a new journey of her life. She celebrated two bridal showers, one was given by her sister actress Arisha Razi Khan and the second

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