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Mahira Khan Is Nothing Short Of A Vision At SKMH Fundraiser

If looks could get people arrested, Mahira would have been given a life sentence. That sounds a bit cruel but that is only how you can describe Mahira’s beauty. She’s beautiful, no doubt. We all know that. We all are

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Shaukat Khanum Fundraising Dinner In Dubai

Shaukat Khanum depends on donations to some extent for its day to day running and services. This time, it’s founder Imran Khan took to Dubai for a fundraising dinner. The highlight of the evening was that people got to meet

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Mahira Khan And Maya Ali Join Fundraising For Shaukat Khanum Hospital

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital has been providing cancer treatments to the afflicted for many years and a lot of its resources come from the donations and fundraising campaigns.The team are now arranging a fundraising gala and dinner with Imran Khan

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