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Ali Zafar Is Out Of Words For ‘Teefa In Trouble’ Team

Ali Zafar and Maya Ali are making their Pakistani debut with ‘Teefa in Trouble’. Needles to say, we have high expectations with both. The shooting of the movie has just wrapped up and it seems that both the stars have

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“Teefa In Trouble” Won’t Disappoint People

Teefa in Trouble is another Pakistani movie that is going to hit the cinemas with much fanfare. The Teefa team has already pulled up a lot of stunts to make this movie already popular among the masses. But, we definitely

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Ali Zafar’s Weirdly Strange Gym Picture Has Us All Wondering

Ali Zafar is a fitness buff, there is no doubt in that. With Teefa in Trouble in loophole, he is all geared up to make an impact with his body. Be it his Sunday dumbbell picture. . . Or late

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