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Hareem Farooq On Her Relationship With Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan was in both the films produced by Hareem Farooq, the TV and Film actress and model who now is a film producer as well. They are often seen together on several events like fashion shows, talk shows

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Ali Rehman Khan Talks About His Banned Film

Ali Rehman Khan starred in an Independent Film named Slackistan back in 2010 but the movie got banned in Pakistan because the director had refused to make the cuts in the film that were requested by the Central Board of

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Momina Mustehsan Believes Everything Is sponsored Now A Days

It is an age of social media and sponsorships. If you have excellent content but don’t have the sponsorship it would not reach the audience. Momina herself started her career as a musician from social media. She says if it

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Musicians Are Spoiled, Says Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar comes from a family of artists. His father, Azhar Hussain was an ace in playing Piano and he was one of the renowned musicians of Pakistan. His mother Gul-e-Rana is a senior and fruitful TV performing artist.  

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Who Momina Mustehsan Doesn’t Like To Take Pictures With

In the past when people used to meet any celebrity, they wanted to talk to them, get to know the non-celebrity side of their favorite personalities and last but not the least, take an autograph. Due to the advent social

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