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Ahsan Khan Speaks About The Role Of Dramas In Handling Taboos!

Ahsan Khan is one of the actors who has always worked for the positive image of Pakistan. The actor became an even bigger star with his role in Udaari. Udaari was a game changer, no doubt. Ahsan who previously has

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Strong Female Characters Of Our Dramas

Long gone are the days when females were casted into dramas and movies because the man needed a prop. Slowly but gradually the whole world has taken a feminist approach in entertainment business, just like many other businesses and our

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5th HUM Awards 2017 – Highs & Lows

This year the 5th HUM awards were held in Lahore and this particular aspect was highlighted on the red carpet as well. All the celebrities shared how they felt about being in Lahore for the awards on the red carpet.

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