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Umm E Haniya Episodes 7&8 Review – Thriller

So we got the next two episodes of Umm e Haniya this week and one thing is really noticeable, this drama airs in two episodes every week and still manages to keep it happening and engrossing. Filler scenes are few

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Umm E Haniya Episodes 5&6 Review – Intense

So these episodes of Umm e Hainya lived up to the drama’s fast pace and good screen play. The actors still need to up their game, but the best part was the story moving forward. No filler scenes are added

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Umm E Haniya Episodes 3&4 Review – Wonderful

These two episodes were equally interesting as last two. The story is in a good pace, plot is interesting and the screen play is well executed. Even the supporting actors seemed to have upped their games except maybe Farah Shah.

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Umm E Haniya Episodes 1&2 Review – Interesting Start

So this week we saw this new drama called Umm E Haniya. It is certainly a promising one but had its flaws too. There are mainly three families at play here. First one is Romi’s who has a very supportive

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Teasers Of New Drama Show A Very Different Story

In this era of entertainment when dramas are pouring in left right and centre, you can hardly find any that captures your attention for as long as it stays on air. Well that seems to be changing very soon since

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