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Shaniera Akram Is Proud Of Her Husband

Shaneira Akram is proud of her husband and r9ightfully so. Waseem Akram is one of the most loved and most successful sportsmen of Pakistan. He has made many records in his career and he then took over as a  commentator

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Celebrities Who Got Honoured Last Night At Aiwan e Saddar

It was a big night for many people last night. Many Pakistanis who have contributed to their country with their outstanding work were honoured with the highest civil awards at a ceremony held at the President House. The celebs were

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Shaniera Akram Wants Women To Be Appreciated

They say behind every successful man, there  is a woman. It is true in some cases. But is that all? While, a man is celebrated for his achievements, the woman behind gets a mere mention. Nobody really talks about what

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Shaniera Akram Is A Proud Pakistani & She Has Proved It

Since the day Shaniera Akram married Waseem Akram, she has been living a life of pure Pakistani. Her patriotic nature has made her an eye candy of all. Just recently, she was targeted for being ‘White’ and was accused that

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