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Webseries ‘Shameless Proposals’ Tackles Arranged Marriage Blues

Most of the morning show content relies on this topic. Some rishta aunty is invited and asked how it is all done and how should it be done? It is the biggest blue of our society. In our society, we

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Rabab Hashim In Wajahat Rauf’s Webseries

Rabab Hashim is one wonder girl who has done it all. She has been a host, she has modeled, she has done television and now she is venturing into web space. This is going to be her second outing with

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Yasir Hussain’s Web Series with Amna Ilyas and Bilawal Abbasi

Thanks to the internet, now there are many other channels to share your work other than television or theatre. In the past few years, Internet Web Series have taken the world by storm and slowly and gradually they have started

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