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Zaid Ali T Spotted In Naya Pakistan

The social media craze started in Pakistan with Zaid Ali T. Zaid started making funny videos which he used to post on social media platforms. Zais has since left making videos and has also gotten married to his Yumna Zaid.

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Comedian Zaid Ali T With Wife Yumna-Pictures

Zaid Ali T is a comedian and one of the very first Pakistani social media stars. He made a name for himself through his brown vs white parents videos and was an overnight star. People loved his ideas and many

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Celebrity Weddings Of 2017

The ringing of wedding bells is always an occasion to celebrate. There can be various outcomes of a marriage but while it’s being celebrated, things are always bright and the outlook very rosy. Here are some of the actors and

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Meet Zaid Ali’s Wife!

The famous youtuber Zaid Ali Tahir recently got married to Yumna and his marriage became a social media event as it was supposed to be. People were discussing his wife’s looks, the styling, the ceremony everything. Yumna has done a

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