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Meet Zaid Ali’s Wife!

The famous youtuber Zaid Ali Tahir recently got married to Yumna and his marriage became a social media event as it was supposed to be. People were discussing his wife’s looks, the styling, the ceremony everything. Yumna has done a

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Zaid Ali Responds To Haters With Sarcasm!

Zaid Ali Tahir, the famous Internet comedian is a one happy man these days. Zaid got married recently and informed about his big day to his fans on social media. He also posted his pictures along with his wife. People

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Zaid Ali Wedding: Walima Pictures!

Zaid and Yumna are the cute couple of the week no doubt. From Nikkah to Baraat we had you covered with all the pictures from the ceremony. Here are pictures from the Walima ceremony of the pair along with their

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Zaid Ali Wedding: Baraat Exclusive Pictures!

Internet comedian Zaid Ali tied the knot last week. The couple is really happy and Zaid is over the moon. He kept his fans updated and now he has posted pictures of his baraat on Snapchat. The bride looked really

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Zaid Ali Shares His Wife’s Picture!

Internet comedian Zaid Ali has a massive fan following. The social media star started a countdown on his accounts that he was getting married. First of all people thought that maybe its a new prank by him but the man

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