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Zara Noor Abbas Was The First Choice For Teefa In Trouble

Zara is doing great on Televison but she is also venturing into films with an upcoming Asim Raza Film Paray Hut Love where she plays a supporting role. But what is more surprising is that Zara was initially to do

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Zara Noor Doesn’t Want You To See These Pictures

Sometimes I look at my old photographs and thank God there was not too much of internet back then. I mean some of those photos are ugly and awkward that I would never want anyone to see. Now, imagine how

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Zara Noor Is A Cry Baby In Real Life

Zara Noor Abbas is one talented and beautiful addition to the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. Looks and talent are in her genes. She grew up around the likes of  legend Bushra Ansari and her talented mother Asma Abbas. Now, she has

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Maya Ali and Zara Noor Are The New Bffs In Town

Who says actresses can’t be friends? I mean yes they have tight schedules and busy lives but they are human at the end. Sometimes their busy lives give a notion that they don’t get along very well but that’s not

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