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Zeb Bangash’s Farz Karo!

Zeb Bangash is a very talented singer and whatever she touches practically turns into gold. Her soothing voice always feels like magic and she keeps coming out with new music every now and then. Last we heard her voice on

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Teaser Of “Farz Karo” By Zeb Bangash

Zeb Bangash has always been a very impressive and impactful singer, not only because of her voice quality but also her ability to sing in six different languages flawlessly. She had formed a band Sandaraa with Brooklyn musician Micheal Winograd,

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Zeb Bangash Ties The Knot!

The Pakhtun sensation Zeb Bangash, who has a lot of hits to her name is not single anymore. She has made a name for herself alongside her cousin Hania Aslam as a duo Zeb and Haniya. The singer got Nikkahfied

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Zeb Bangash’s Sandaraa Performs Live In New York

Zeb Bangash has made many fans world wide with her beautiful voice. She has made a mark in Coke Studio and sung lovely OSTs including Diyar e Dil and Ek Thi Mariyum. She was also the voice behind movies like Ho Mann Jahan and Mantoo. Her work

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