Top 5 Homemade Beauty Masks By Pakistani Celebrities

Keeping the skin hydrated and fresh in winters can be a challenge but somehow there are few Pakistani celebrities whose skins are always glowing no matter what the weather. There are so many girls who want to know the beauty secrets of these celebrities and some of these Pakistani celebrities have been kind enough to share these secrets. Celebrities wear make-up for long hours and most often they cannot even get enough sleep therefore even with this routine if they manage to look and stay fresh then definitely that is a big achievement.

Here are the top 5 homemade beauty masks by top Pakistani celebrities. These are their tried and tested masks which have helped them over the years to keep their skin looking the best even when they are going through a lot of stress in their lives. The best thing about these beauty masks is that most of them are made from natural ingredients and they are really easy to make. Sometimes the masks have such ingredients which are either too expensive or not easily available in the market but these masks are definitely not one of them.

Read this article to get all the information you need in order to have the perfect skin in the most convenient manner.

Mahira Khan’s Honey and Lemon Mask

When we think of celebrities, we most often naturally feel that they must have rigorous skin care regimes to keep their skin clean and looking its best. Well, guess what! That is not the case with Mahira Khan at all. The actual secret to her beautiful skin is that she was never even allowed to go to the salon when she was younger. Her mother advised her to use a homemade mask she swore by and it has worked wonders for Mahira Khan all these years.

The reason why Mahira Khan is more than comfortable in her own skin is because she is naturally beautiful. All these years the fans and followers have seen Mahira Khan wear minimal or no make-up. This is only possible because her skin does not need ‘concealing’.

Mahira Khan’s favorite and perhaps the only beauty mask which she has been using ever since she was young consists of only two ingredients. Making a mixture of honey and lemon and applying it on the face can cleanse the skin and also get rid of the sun tan. In this video Mahira Khan shared how to make and apply this mask.

Many of the people who watched the video and tried this mask confirmed that it actually works in more ways than one.

Juggun Kazim’s Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Juggun Kazim is another Pakistani celebrity whose skin always looks radiant whether she has a lot of make-up on or not. Juggun Kazim believes that girls should not be fixated on getting fairer but they should embrace their own complexions. At the same time she thinks that making sure that the skin is looked after in the best way possible is really important since apart from beauty, the skin plays an important role in bodily functions.

Juggun Kazim has her own YouTube channel which she utilizes to help all those women who look up to her for advice and assistance on different matters. She makes sure that the messages she is conveying through this platform are positive and helpful.

Juggun Kazim’s homemade mask consists of four ingredients namely nutmeg, cinnamon powder, honey and lemon. In this video you will find out the details about how to make this mask, how to apply it and all the other instructions which should be followed.

Fiza Ali’s Skin Whitening Overnight Mask

Fiza Ali has come a long way and she is one of those celebrities who have groomed themselves a lot over the years. Whenever Fiza Ali shares a beauty tip, everyone pays attention and listens to it because she is really honest about sharing such details. Many people who follow her on regular basis know that the tips and tricks she tells truly work.

Fiza Ali has a really dry skin, a skin condition which is quite common and many girls want to know how to keep their skins hydrated. No need to buy those expensive creams now because Fiza Ali has the perfect overnight mask for keeping the skin hydrated which also lightens the skin. Even Fiza Ali’s daughter uses this face mask which is in a cream form.

You need these ingredients for making the cream mask – any moisturizer, vaseline, aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules. Wearing this mask overnight can help dry skin conditions and also lighten the skin. Here is how to make the mask.

Nadia Hussain’s Disprin Tablets Mask

Nadia Hussain is not only a model and an actress but she is also a professional skin expert. Nadia Hussain runs a salon and very often on her YouTube channel she gives her fans and followers advice on skin care. Nadia Hussain has a naturally flawless and glowing skin therefore anything that she shares is worth trying.

We all know the uses of Disprin tablet as a painkiller but not too many people know that one of the ingredients in Disprin is actually really good for oily skin. Nadia Hussain shared how we can make an easy mask by using Disprin and rose water only.

You can find out the details about how to make this really simple mask and how to apply it by watching this clip.

Arij Fatyma’s Refreshing Coffee Mask

Arij Fatyma is another beautiful Pakistani celebrity who never holds back while sharing her beauty secrets. She always has the most sound advice for her fans and followers which she shares on her YouTube channel.

Coffee has many health benefits but Arij Fatyma uses this coffee not only for drinking but also for applying on her face. Arij’s coffee mask has these ingredients, grounded coffee, unsweetened cocoa powder, milk, lemon juice and honey.

Here are the details about how to make this mask and how to apply it.

Which one of these masks will you try? Did you find this article interesting and informative? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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