Zarqash Winter Collection 2020 Ft. Sadia Faisal | Pictures And Prices

Daughter of Saba Faisal and sister of Arsalan Faisal and Salman Faisal, Sadia Faisal for sure belongs to a star-studded family. Sadia Faisal is not only an actress but also a model and a host. Sadia Faisal got married in 2013 and she is the mother of a son as well. Sadia Faisal has been a part of a number of hit serials including Marasim, Ishq Mein Kaffir, Dukh Kam Na Hongay, and many others.

Clothing Brand Zarqash has just launched its winter collection 2020 and has featured Sadia Faisal as a model. Here we have complete details and prices of each article of Zarqash winter collection 2020. Let’s have a look:

ZAINA (PKR 10,500)

Design code: ZQ S01
Price: Rs 10500
Color: Blush Pink
Shirt Fabric: Self Woven Mausuri Jacquard Karandi
Pants Fabric: Cotton karandi
Shawl: Jacquard Wool Shawl

Noor (PKR 10,500)

Price: Rs 10500
Color: Clove Brown
Fabric: Self Woven Silk Marina
Shawl: Jacquard wool shawl

Ardor (PKR 11,000)

Price: Rs 11000
Color: Brick Red
Shirt Fabric: Pashmina Wool
Pants Fabric: Linen Marina

Zuri (PKR 11,500)

Price: Rs 11500
Color: Teal Blue
Fabric shirt: Dyed Jacquard Woven Cotton
Shawl: Jacquard Woven Wool Shawl

FLORA (PKR 11,500)

Price: Rs. 11500
Color: Emerald Green
Fabric: Self Jacquard Marina
Shawl: Pure Pashmina Wool Shawl

Hazel (PKR 12,500)

Price: Rs 12500
Color: Stone Grey
Fabric: Dyed Jacquard Woven Karandi
Shawl: Jacquard wool shawl

AINE (PKR 12,500)

Price: Rs 12500
Colour: Blush Pink
Shirt Fabric: self-woven mausuri jacquard karandi
Pants Fabric: Dyed Cotton Karandi

Shawl: Jacquard Wool Shaw

NOVA (PKR 12,500)

Price: Rs 12500
Color: Fuchsia Pink
Fabric: Silk Marina
Shawl: Wool jacquard woven shawl


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