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  • Jackson Heights – Episode 20!

    Jackson Heights – Episode 20!

    Ohkay so, this episode was interesting in regards to the story because we saw some developments & finally the characters are paying heed to their future & making plans to shape it up. Even though this episode still had...

  • Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 17

    Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 17

    The last part of this episode was just plain shocking – I am not...

  • Main AFSURDA- Episode 21!

    Main AFSURDA- Episode 21!

    Main AFSURDA- I think this would have been the most suitable title for this...

  • Zidd – Episode 06!

    Zidd – Episode 06!

    Hmmmm, in my opinion this episode failed to deliver completely. I now feel that...

  • Chup Raho – Episode 22

    Chup Raho – Episode 22

    Numair aur Manal tu aise ghayeb huve jaise ghade ke sur se seengh!! Seriously...


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