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  • Guys Plz Fix the link of Post 20 Recent Drams with Highest TRPs….. Do it quick or you'll lose many page views… !!!

    • Respected sir i am interested in film industry as a actor from 8th class now i am 23 year in my last semester of specialization. My friends advise me i should to india but i want to work for pakistan i want to rise our film industry than india. But i dn't know how to contact any actor,actress,director or producer please guide me the right direction i want to in in film industry as soon as possible. I will wait your response.
      Thanking you

  • hEy i have hEard from some friends that nida khan (in parsa drama on hum..parsa's daughter) nd fawad khan are coming together in upcoming drama "amar bail". is iT true..???

  • Hello..Can you please tell me the name of actress who plays character of ”’Sister Rizwana” in Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah? And does she appear in any other drama these days? Please do let me know..Am her huge huge fan :)

  • Hello Can somebody please tell me her name,She currently appears in Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah..Someone told me that She is younger sister of film actor/director Sangeeta..Is that true?& What’s her real name?

  • These are here another pics..Please do let me know soon..Thanks..What’s her name and is that true she is younger sister of film actor/director Sangeeta?