Sana Bucha Puts Shahid Afridi In An Awkward Position

Sana Bucha Puts Shahid Afridi In An Awkward Position

Shahid Afridi is one of the most revered celebrities in Pakistan. Although, cricketers land into controversies all the time but he is one of those few cricketers who never landed in a controversy. This is one of the main reasons why he is respected by everyone; people who watch cricket and even those who do not watch cricket know that Lala is the pride of Pakistan. Shahid Afridi is also known for his charitable causes and for always keeping a low profile in public. He is hardly ever seen in get togethers and even when he is part of such parties he makes sure he presents himself in a graceful way.

Sana Bucha hosted a Sehr Party for her celebrity friends and Shahid Afridi was also invited to the party. When Sana Bucha posted the pictures of the party people on instagram were after her and some of them also said things about Shahid Afridi because Sana Bucha was standing close to him in these pictures.

This is the first time that Shahid Afridi is in this awkward position because he has never been in the midst of such a controversy before.

Here are the comments of the people on instagram.