10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Pakistani drama viewers have recently come across a lot of beautifully written characters that they fell in love with. It is nothing short of a treat for those drama buffs who invest time in dramas, to watch and live the journey of such characters, who have a lot to offer. Pakistani drama writers are known for coming up with such characters who are strong and have well-rounded personalities. Quite often, the viewers end up not liking a character which the drama writers assume they would, this goes to show that drama viewers like watching realistic characters with positive traits.

The story of any drama is based upon the journeys of these central characters and everything related to them. In quite a few recent dramas, viewers got to see these extraordinary characters who were conceived with clarity and were given complete personalities by the writers. A lot of times, good writing and then the way the characters are carried out play an important role in making them memorable.

Here are 10 characters from recent Pakistani dramas that viewers loved:

Abdul Ala (Alif)

Dada Jaan for Qalb e Momin and Abdul Ala for Pakistani drama viewers, this was a beautiful character that the viewers of drama serial Alif got to witness. His kindness and acceptance towards Qalb e Momin was heartwarming. Abdul Ala had regrets; he lost his son because of his stubbornness and preconceived notions about his daughter in law Husn e Jahan. Abdul Ala’s journey showed that accepting one’s faults and trying to do what it takes to rectify them is of utmost importance.

Abdul Ala knew that he lost his son Taha because of his irrational choices, therefore he did all he could to help Husn e Jahan. He resorted to a completely different approach when it came to his grandson Qalb e Momin because he knew in order to guide someone, it was mandatory to let them explore and find their path based on their own choices and pace. However, all he did the rest of his life was guide Qalb e Momin in the best manner possible, this is why after he passed away, his grandson realized all the lifelong lessons he had taught him. The dialogues of Abdul Ala were beautifully written and this character was portrayed phenomenally by Manzar Sehbai.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Saad (Ehd e Wafa)

It was after 2 decades that Pakistani viewers were getting to see an Army based drama with the main story revolving around an Army officer and his life. The viewers were already in for a treat and as the drama progressed with Saad’s journey unfolding, they found more and more reasons to fall in love with him. Saad was a man of his word, he loved helping others out and showed qualities of a true leader. The thing that the viewers loved the most about him was that once he put his mind to something, he would do whatever it takes to achieve it.

This character was not only to show the greatness of the Army officers, but also shed a light on how they are human beings too with families and commitments. They put a lot on the line to serve their country and selflessness is what makes them so great. The writer Mustafa Afridi humanized the Army officers beautifully in Ehd e Wafa. Ahad Raza Mir’s brilliant performance also added a lot of charm to this character. Viewers were totally in love with Saad, this is why they cried buckets watching the last episode because they did not want to even imagine anything happening to Saad.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Qalb e Momin (Alif)

Qalb e Momin was a beautiful character written by Umera Ahmed. He was a perfect representation of all those believers who face struggles on a daily basis to stay on track and explore their spirituality. Qalb e Momin was a disturbed child because he saw his parents failing miserably, but because of his grandfather he slowly and steadily found his path and realized that his life had a bigger purpose.

Qalb e Momin’s spiritual struggles were convincingly shown by the writer, this is why his character was easy to relate to. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s presence and acting played a huge role in making this character shine more. The entire journey from a compassionate child to a selfish adult and then someone who was unlearning a lot of things that he had learned over the years made people love this character.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Danish (Mere Pass Tum Ho)

More than love, Pakistani drama viewers felt sympathy for Danish but his presence can not be overlooked because he made quite an impact on the viewers. Danish was shown as a doting husband who could not imagine living a life without his wife, his lady love. Unfortunately, due to the infidelity of his wife, he got to face such harsh realities of life because he could not fathom his love as well as the safe haven he provided to his wife being not enough for her.

Danish’s character showed a lot of mental growth but when it came to his emotional state, it continued to worsen because he actually could not come to terms with the betrayal of Mehwish. This is the reason one of his dialogues broke the internet and viewers could not stop talking about it because after suffering so much, he decided to speak up. This character was complex and had to be portrayed carefully to showcase each and every emotion with clarity and Humayun Saeed proved his caliber as an actor in Mere Pass Tum Ho.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Kashf (Kashf)

Kashf’s character is being loved by Pakistani drama viewers and for all the right reasons. She is an obedient daughter who will do what it takes to make her family happy. Kashf is selfless and she has given up on all the dreams that she once had because she knows they get in the way of her serving her family. Kashf’s character is getting exploited at the hands of her father but she has accepted this as a fate.

There’s a thin line between becoming a bechari and just being submissive, this fine line has been carefully marked by the writer and director. Kashf is not a bechari, she is just someone who would do anything for the sake of her family, but she has set certain limits and conditions for herself. This is why she never misuses the position that she has and only wants what’s best for people around her. Hira Mani is giving a convincing performance in this drama as Kashf and it won’t be wrong to say that she has brilliantly carried it on her shoulders.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Dua (Ehd e Wafa)

It is pretty much a rarity where Pakistani drama viewers get to see such strong female leads who fight the life challenges with courage and do not give up on dreams. Dua’s life was filled with a lot of obstacles and hurdles that she had to overcome in order to be what she wanted to be. Her confidence in herself and dignity with which she carried herself were some of her best personality traits. Through this character, writer Mustafa Afridi also showed that it was also very important for girls to have dreams and aspirations. Getting married and settling is not the only option which is usually heavily promoted in Pakistani dramas.

Dua single handedly dealt with the emotional blackmailing of her relatives, kept herself afloat after the death of her father, looked after her mother and most importantly, did not give up on her dream of becoming a doctor. Her journey was very special and this was Alizeh Shah’s best performance till date.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Ramsha (Dushman e Jaan)

From one of the recent dramas that have started airing, Ramsha’s character has definitely stood out. Although this character was short-lived, the writer Sarwat Nazeer wrote it in such a manner that it made an impact quickly and grabbed the interest of the viewers. Ramsha was fighting her battles, she had to put herself in the world every single day to make a living but without making it obvious to her family, she selflessly did all that she could. Ramsha was unapologetically herself, she was strong and independent.

Although Ramsha had made up her mind that she had to dedicate her life to taking care of her family, she too had emotions and found herself developing feelings for Hatim whom she had recently met. Ramsha was sorted and strong, she knew what she wanted from life. Such characters are a rarity in Pakistani dramas but she definitely was a memorable character. It was good to see Tooba Siddique back on TV after a long time and she gave a very strong performance.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Sameer (Ishq Zahe Naseeb)

Sameer’s character was unique and probably being shown on Pakistani television for the first time. Sameer suffered from identity disorder and was bipolar. The viewers not only loved his character but understood his journey. It was a huge step up and quite an encouragement for the writers to know that the viewers were now open to such characters and wanted to learn more about issues revolving around mental health.

Sameer’s character was not only brilliantly written but he was humanized in such a way that actually made the viewers feel for him a lot. Zahid Ahmed is a fine actor but in Ishq Zahe Naseeb he wowed the viewers like he had never done before. He outdid himself, this is why the viewers wanted to see him recovering and coming to terms with his disorders with the help of Gauhar.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Amaanullah (Ye Dil Mera)

Amaanullah was suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). He lost his family and saw them getting killed. His life revolved around vengenece where he wanted to avenge his family’s murder. Amaanullah’s character had a lot of shades and each one of them were acted out brilliantly by Ahad Raza Mir. The shift in Amaanullah’s mood and thought process was always a treat to watch and it made the viewers feel for him a lot because they wanted to see him free from these burdens.

This is one of the main reasons why the ending of Ye Dil Mera did not sit well with the viewers because in the end Amaan was made to suffer and did not get a closure from his past. However, as long as the drama lasted, people loved Amaanullah’s character and felt a lot for him.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

Mahjabeen (Pyaar Ke Sadqay)

This is yet another character that is loved by all those viewers who have tuned to Pyaar Ke Sadqay. A naive and gullible Mahjabeen who has had only one aspiration in life, that is to get married. She is ruling the hearts of the viewers now. After a long while, viewers got to see such a character whose innocence was the most endearing part of her personality. She has made the viewers feel for her because she is being harassed by people around, yet she is finding it hard to understand.

Mahjabeen on her own is happily married to Abdullah, whom she adores but unfortunately, he is being disloyal to her. It still doesn’t take away her faith that she puts in people because it’s her niceness that she sees in others assuming they are going to reciprocate it as well. Yumna Zaidi has given Mahjabeen’s character a beautiful treatment and her acting has been top-notch throughout the drama. Yumna Zaidi makes you feel for Mahjabeen every step of the way and it is because of her portrayal, that this character is being loved by the viewers.

10 Pakistani Drama Characters Viewers Loved

This completes the list of 10 characters from recent Pakistani dramas that viewers fell in love with. Which of these characters are your favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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