10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Pakistani dramas are watched all over the world. Their realistic stories, non-glamorous looks of the leads and the foremost leading couple’s chemistry is what makes these dramas a hit with the audiences. In recent times, we have seen all the big hits were attributed to the magic that the leading pair was able to bring to the screens. Mere Humsafar, Tere Bin, Jaan Nisar and even Khaie are examples of some dramas that won with the leading on-screen pairs. The audience always loves fresh pairings and here are some potential on-screen couples that everyone will fall in love with if the makers bring them together:

Feroze Khan And Sarah Khan

Feroze Khan is a fan favourite. He became a hit when he appeared with Sajal Aly in Gul e Rana and the sizzling chemistry is what pulled people to the drama. Later on Feroze Khan reached his super stardom with intense characters in dramas Khaani and Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. All these dramas are remembered first and foremost for the magic between the leads.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Sarah Khan on the other hand always manages to create chemistry. She was able to bring the sizzle even in dramas like Sabaat and Abdullahpur Ka Devdas where she did not care much about her opposite male lead. These two stars together are sure to create magic and fans will simply eat the drama they will dish out.

Farhan Saeed And Sajal Aly

Farhan Saeed is known as the king of romance in Pakistani dramas. The superstar singer came into acting and never looked back. Be it Arsal and Ajiya in Suno Chanda, Ameera and Taimoor in Udaari or Hamza and Hala in Mere Humsafar, Farhan has the ability to light the screen on fire and imagine him with Sajal Aly and the chemistry these stars can bring.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Sajal Aly on the other hand is a talent no one can deny. She acts with her eyes and manages to attract the audience with some great pairing that she has had in dramas like Yakeen Ka Safar, O Rangreza, Kuch Ankahi and Alif. The duo with magic in their eyes can create magic in a drama for sure.

Ahsan Khan And Ayeza Khan

These two are the strongest performers in the industry. They both have very long careers and they have managed to sustain fame and success throughout that time. Their names attached to any project suddenly increases the expectations of the audiences. To watch them together in an intense drama or even thriller will be a dream come true for their fans.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Fans have always wanted the two to work together as they have the ability to create chemistry even in dramas like Mein and Sukoon. A team-up of these two superstars will be great news for their fans.

Shuja Asad And Hania Aamir

Shuja Asad is a new sensation and he has become a fan favourite after his strong performance as Barlas Khan in Khaie. His chemistry with the opposite character Apanna played by Mahenur Haider has put him on the map. People also loved him in an Eid telefilm with Sohai Ali Abro where he was again able to prove himself despite the short run time.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Hania is right now a superstar and she is a young actress who will pair well with Shuja. Having a pair of two young stars is definitely something that the audience will love and bring freshness to the screens.

Bilal Abbas Khan And Maya Ali

Bilal Abbas Khan just hit it out of the park as he appeared with Durefishan Saleem in Ishq Murshid. The star knows how to create magic and that is something he did in other dramas like Cheekh, O Rangreza and Pyar Ke Sadqay. Watching Bilal with Maya will be a dream come true for both their fans as they both can bring magic on the screens.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Maya Ali also brings chemistry and she has done it with stars like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Bilal Ashraf, Sheheryar Munawar and Ali Zafar. Her pairing with Bilal Abbas Khan will surely be a hit.

Hamza Ali Abbasi And Durefishan Saleem

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the superstar of our industry and he worked very selectively in his career. One thing however that he has done over and over again is make good on-screen chemistry with his leading ladies in all the projects and he manages to shine everytime. Watching him with Durefishan will be an interesting pairing for sure.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Durefishan is just a few projects old but she had good on-screen pairs with Danish Taimoor, Bilal Abbas Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Faysal Quraishi. The starlet will surely compliment Hamza Ali Abbasi and they will be interesting to watch together.

Hamza Sohail And Nadia Jamil

Pakistani dramas need to experiment and come out of run off the mill college student stories. Nadia Jamil is the perfect starlet to bring a story like Dobara or Behadd to life and those who have watched Behadd know how beautifully she brings romance to the screens. Her aura is unmatched and that needs to be utilized by drama makers.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Hamza Sohail is new to the drama world and he is experimenting with different characters. He can surely make a unique story work like Bilal Abbas Khan did and with Nadia Jamil in the picture, sparks can fly.

Shahzad Nawaz And Saba Qamar

Imagine two of the most powerful performers in the country paired together in an action thriller, a revenge drama or even an intense romance and how that will bring all the eyeballs to the screens. A pairing like this does work as we saw in Kabli Pulao when done nicely and tastefully.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Someone needs to bring Saba Qamar and Shahzad Nawaz together on screens as these two can set any stage on fire and bring the intensity that many other actors lack with equal parts oomph and sensitivity.

Imran Abbas And Hiba Bukhari

Hiba Bukhari is the ratings queen as said by Shehreyar Muanwar and one main reason behind this is her ability to create on-screen magic with her leading men in dramas. She has proved her mettle over and over again and to watch her with Imran Abbas will bring a new edge to her performance for sure.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Imran is also the real one who brought the Khuda Aur Mohabbat magic on television and his pairing with Hiba Bukhari in a sweet or dramatic story could do wonders.

Wahaj Ali And Iqra Aziz

Wahaj Ali just gave back to back hits with Tere Bin, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha and Mein and what stood out in all three was his ability to bring magical chemistry on screens. Wahaj Ali is probably going to do the same with Maya Ali in Sun Dil Mere and Iqra Aziz just wrapped up Burns Road Ke Romeo Juliet where she was seen representing many social problems while maintainig a cute chemistry with her co-star.

10 Potential Drama Couples That Can Light The Screen On Fire

Having these two together cannot just bring romance to the screens but also strong performances that can reach a classic status.

Which actors do you think can bring magic and style to your screens if they are seen together. Share some names in the comments!

Pakeeza Dar