10 Times Indian Entertainment Industry Copied Pakistan Shamelessly

The world is full of copy-cats who steal ideas blatantly without any regard for basic ethics. These copy-cats always have an ‘explanation’ for stealing ideas that makes sense to them even though it does not make a lot of sense to anyone else. The worst kind of copy-cats is those who disrespect the original creators by stealing their intellectual property without their permission and also fail to give them due credit. Not only this, there have been so many instances when these copy-cats actually argued with the original creators and refused to accept that they copied their ideas. Unfortunately, one of the biggest film industries in the world Bollywood has been doing so for years and there isn’t much the original creators can do about it. From copying Hollywood to the content being made here in Pakistan, some of the most well-known Bollywood producers rely heavily on not just taking inspiration but literally copying shamelessly. Not just Bollywood but recently even the Indian drama industry has started copying the storylines from Pakistani dramas. It would be safe to say that for the longest time, the Indian entertainment industry has been dependent on content from Pakistan in more ways than one.

There was a time when copy-cats could easily get away with such blatant copies because the communication between Pakistan and India in particular was limited. Now, with the advent of social media, such copies get more attention than ever and people are calling out Bollywood for its lack of creativity and ethics both.

Listed here are those 10 original ideas from Pakistan which were copy-pasted by India without any regard for their own reputation!

Dil Dil Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan is one of those iconic patriotic songs which is considered Pakistan’s second national anthem. Everything from the lyrics to its melody is etched-out in the minds of every Pakistani citizen. This has to be the first time ever that a patriotic song was copied to this extent by another country. The ironic part here is that these two countries are considered arch-rivals! Here is what the original song was like, it needs no introduction but we are adding the video for reference:

Here is the copy which is so convenient, change Pakistan to Hindustan and call the song your property! This is definitely the height of plagiarism.

The Vital Signs song was released in 1987 and the copied Indian version is from 1991.

Kadi Te Has Bol Ve

Some of the songs that Bollywood had stolen from Pakistan are so old and underrated that most people do not even know about their origin. Kadi Te Has Bol Ve is one such song that was originally sung by Shaukat Ali back in the 1980s. It was copied by Bollywood and was featured in the movie Love Aaj Kal. While the Indian public kept on giving their musicians credit for coming up with such a catchy tune, the Pakistanis tried their best to give them a reality check. This was a shock for the public but obviously, the ones responsible definitely knew they were copying.

Listen to the original song sung by the iconic Shaukat Ali:

Here is the convenient and blatant copy!


Another cult classic from Pakistani music band Junoon was blatantly copied by Bollywood lately. This song was originally released in Pakistan in 1997 and it was only recently that it this classic was sung by Indian singers Arjit Singh and Jyoti Noorah. Yet again, the Indian entertainment industry promoted it as if it was their original song that was being recreated.

Here is the original track:

Listen to the copy:

Kinna Sohna Tenu Rabb Ne Banaya

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s iconic qawwali “Kinna Sohna Tenu Rabb Ne Banaya” is one that has been heard in many parts of the world. That did not stop the Bollywood producers and composers from ruining it by giving it their own spin! Just like every other time, they took the main composition and lyrics, changed the language, added more lyrics, and perhaps thought that they had done their part and now had the rights over this composition and the lyrics!

Listen to the original version:

Here is Aamir Khan dancing on the second-rate copy!

Larka Badnaam Hua Haseena Tere Liye

If you thought the famous Bollywood number Munni Badnaam Hui was an original, think again! This famous line and composition were also copied from another Pakistani song which was sung by Umer Sharif for one of his films! Most people argue that Munni Badnaam is an inspiration and not a copy but we disagree completely! And even if it is an ‘inspiration’, we don’t see anyone giving due credit and appreciation to the actual brains behind the composition and the lyrics.

Here is the original song:

And the copy everyone is perhaps well acquainted with!

Koi Nawwan Lara La Ke

Some of the Bollywood musicians work really hard to dig deep so that they can find a composition to copy from the past which most people in the present generation don’t know much about. Most of you must have heard Bewafa Sanam’s Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka, well guess what it is another copy of a song sung by the melody queen Noor Jehan back in the 1970s.

Here is the part which was blatantly copied:

After a few tweaks here and there, this was the Bollywood version:

Hawwa Hawwa

Hawwa Hawwa by Hassan Jahangir is one of those songs that most of us growing up in the 80s and 90s can relate to on a completely different level. It was a catchy number that brought more fame to the singer Hassan Jahangir than anything else he sang in his career. Bollywood also copied this song and it was part of the film Mubarakan in 2017. Many Indians gave the explanation that even the original song was not an original but the fact is that Hassan Jahangir’s song was quite popular in India which is why it was copied without giving any credit to anyone as usual!

Here is the iconic song by Hassan Jahangir:

Here is the Bollywood copy!

Bheega Bheega Sa

Abrar ul Haq’s songs are known for their catchy lyrics and melodies which is why they have been copied in India more than once. It is especially unfortunate and ironic when these melodies are copied for making patriotic songs! You know there is a serious dearth of talent and creativity when that happens. Well, that is exactly what happened when they copied the composition for this particular song.

Here is the original melodious song:

Here is a very patriotic Made in India copy of the original song!

Nach Punjaban

Recently, the Nach Punjaban controversy has been in the news and for all the right reasons as well. Thanks to the power of social media, Karan Johar ultimately had to give credit to Abrar ul Haq but before he did that, he claimed that the song was entirely his property. The original song sung by Abrar ul Haq was a huge hit in Pakistan.

Here is the song which was also featured in a Pakistani film titled Kon Banega Krorpati:

This is the Bollywood version which was rightly criticized:

Boohey Barian

Boohey Barian is another song by the popular and talented singer Hadiqa Kiyani which had been in the news lately because it was yet again copied by an Indian composer and singer. Hadiqa Kiyani confronted the singer as well but got an explanation which went to show that these musicians do not just copy blatantly but also do not admit that they copy when they are confronted.

Here is the original version which is considered a classic:

Here is the copy!

Closing Remarks

These are only some of the blatant copies, apart from this, there are many more songs and even storylines which have been copied by the Indian entertainment industry repeatedly. It is unfortunate that an industry which prides itself in being the biggest one in the world lacks creativity and basic work ethics. How much effort does it take for a producer to get in touch with the creative brains behind these compositions and get permission from them? Barely any! It is just a matter of pride, they want to copy our ideas but their pride does not allow them to seek permission. How we wish that the same pride would let them come up with more original compositions and stop them from copying so shamelessly!

What do you think about this issue? Don’t you feel Pakistani artists deserve more respect and credit? Share your views.


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