20 Pakistani Singers Singing National Anthem This Year

As Pakistan is going to celebrate it’s 75th Independence Day this 14th August, the national anthem of Pakistan is ready to be released. The national anthem is sung by 20 singers from all around the country, which belongs to different cultures and traditions. As per the details, mandated by the present Government a steering committee was formed in July 2021 to re-record the original National Anthem, that reflects updated inclusivity in sound, voice and spirit, while ensuring the sanctity of the original words and composition.

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The list of singers include some talented and famous Pakistani singers from all around the country. Here’s the list of 20 singers who are singing the national anthem of Pakistan this year, have a look!

1. Taj Mastani

2. Arif Lohar

3. Sidra Kanwal

4. Zohaib Zaman

5. Jia Nauman

6. Bilal Saeed

7. Fariha Pervaiz

8. Fakhir Mehmood

9. Sehar Gul Khan

10. Abid Brohi

11. Maria Unera

12. Yashwa Ayub

13. Noman Asmet

14. Sahir Ali Bagga

15. Nirmal Roy

16. Zubin Ernest

17. Shahmir Quidwai

18. Naseer Afridi

19. Tina Sani

20. Ali Hamza

Earlier, the original national anthem was composed by Ahmed G.Chagla in 1949 and formally approved by Prime Minster Liaquat Ali Khan soon after. The beautiful inspiring words of the national anthem were written by poet Abdul Hafeez Jalandhari and formally approved in 1953-1954.

Sara Imran