5 Times Humayun Saeed Made Viewers Cry In Mere Pass Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed’s outstanding performance in Mere Pass Tum Ho has left the viewers in awe of him. Although usually in dramas, the heroines make the viewers feel for them. In Mere Pass Tum Ho the situation is completely opposite. Humayun Saeed’s character Danish goes through hell after his wife betrays him. The character has been written in such a way that viewers feel for him. Humayun Saeed’s acting is so apt that there have been many times when the viewers have cried with him. He always makes the viewers feel everything Danish is going through. This is the real success of an actor when viewers feel the pain he is trying to enact on screen. Humayun Saeed has a vast career therefore making his mark after giving so many amazing performances is no easy feat. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the script of Mere Pass Tum Ho is really close to his heart. He lived this character off screen while reading the script before portraying it on screen. This has made all the difference. When Danish cries, viewers cry with him. His helplessness makes the viewers root for him.

5 Times Humayun Saeed Made Viewers Cry In Mere Pass Tum Ho

Here are 5 Times when Humayun Saeed made the viewers cry in Mere Pass Tum Ho.

First Shock

The scene after Danish picks Mehwish up from the airport after finding out that she had gone to Islamabad was a powerful scene which became even more emotional because of Humayun Saeed’s superb performance. This was a shock for Danish, who trusted Mehwish completely. The way Danish blamed himself while Humayun Saeed’s expressions clearly showed he was in pain and in denial was the best part of this scene. Through this scene Humayun Saeed proved that sometimes expressions speak louder than dialogues. Whatever Danish said was not supported by his expressions. The viewers could feel Danish’s pain and the credit for that goes to Humayun Saeed.

The Bitter Reality Check

Humayun Saeed has played the role of larger than life hero in many of his recent projects. In order to make Danish’s character look human-like on screen Humayun Saeed had to give this performance his best and he did just that. Even the director Nadeem Baig wasn’t sure if Humayun Saeed would be able to deliver. But then viewers saw how easily he let go of the hero avatar and played the helpless male protagonist with utmost clarity. This conversation between Shehwar and Danish is unforgettable for all those viewers who have been watching Mere Pass Tum Ho. The flushed look on Humayun Saeed’s face, his dry lips and his body language in this scene made the viewers cry with him. Everyone who watched this episode felt Danish’s pain. It was best acting by both these actors which made this scene memorable. This was also the most emotional scene of Mere Pass Tum Ho.

One Last Try

Before letting Mehwish go Danish tries to perhaps make her realize that his life won’t sail smoothly after she left. Humayun Saeed made the most of yet another scene which showed just how clueless Danish was. These simple questions were asked in the most innocent way. Humayun Saeed nailed the expressions in this scene. He sounded casual but his expressions told a different story.

The Final Goodbye

Humayun Saeed’s acting was at its best in episode 12 of Mere Pass Tum Ho. This was the episode in which Danish decides that he needs to let Mehwish go. Humayun Saeed breathed such tangible life into these scenes that every single expression showed the pain his character was going through. His body language in this scene when Mehwish leaves with Shehwar is amazing. Those tears look real and the pain even more so. He drags himself to the bed to lay down beside Rumi as if there is no life left in him. Humayun Saeed was showered with praise after his performance in this particular episode. Even those viewers who did not feel for Danish until this point, cried with him. This scene is one of the most iconic thanks to Humayun Saeed’s brilliant acting.

The Helplessness

Mehwish apologized in episode 19 of Mere Pass Tum Ho by calling Danish and telling him that she wanted him to take her back. This conversation between Mehwish and Danish after such a long time was made even more intense because of Danish’s dialogues and Humayun Saeed’s acting. He made sure that every single dialogue was delivered in such a way that it showed his characters true feelings. Danish’s helplessness and seeing how he still remembered everything as if it was yesterday made the viewers cry. Humayun Saeed did a remarkable job here.

Which scenes covering Danish’s pain made you cry? Isn’t it amazing how someone with a personality like that of Humayun Saeed portrayed such a character so flawlessly on screen. Were you expecting Humayun Saeed to do this well? We feel that no other actor could have played this role better than Humayun. This has to be the best role of his entire career. What do you think? Share your views in the comments section.


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