7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Pakistani drama industry has seen many new actors in the past few years and some of the experienced ones continue to play leading roles in dramas. Many of these actors truly deserve the hype and projects they get but there are also those who have not been able to justify their position in the industry. These overrated actors have limited talent and range yet we see these actors playing leading roles in many dramas with star cast. One thing common among all these actors is that fame and notable projects were served to them on a silver platter. However, this ease in obtaining high-profile roles is not the reason why we think that they are overrated. There are many other reasons but the most common one has to be the lack of versatility, talent, and vision.

Here is a list of the most overrated Pakistani actors right now:

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan always manages to bag big dramas and has worked in many notable dramas. Yet, she has been unable to get herself recognized as a serious actress. In all these years, she does not have a single project to her credit in which she stood out more than any of her other co-stars. Ayeza Khan brings with her a big wardrobe, the perfect make-up looks, and even decent performances but is she really as big as an actress as the production houses make her out to be? We think not! Ayeza Khan’s name sells dramas because she has a fan following but she lacks versatility and the screen presence to stand out. Most of her performances have been forgettable and repetitive.

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Hiba Bukhari

Hiba Bukhari is another actress who is full of confidence because she has worked in some of the biggest dramas. Sometimes, it is really difficult to tell how she has managed to make it this big in an industry with so much competition. Her acting skills are limited to a few expressions and whenever she tries to be versatile, she fails. Her make-up and wardrobe choices also failed to impress multiple times. Most of the time her acting is the opposite of effortless; she fails to make her roles appear natural and seamless. Yet, she is another favorite of many of the leading production houses!

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah entered the drama industry when she was really young. Her first television appearance had us convinced that she had what it took to be a remarkable actress. Honestly speaking, she also has the talent but what makes her overrated is her non-seriousness towards her craft. She chooses to play similar roles repeatedly. Alizeh Shah’s wardrobe choices in her dramas also show that she is not interested in putting in a lot of effort to perfect the look of her characters in dramas. The hyper-focus on gaudy make-up to make up for the lack of wardrobe is another reason why it is impossible to take her seriously as an actor. It is sad that someone with so much potential has completely ruined their actual talent because the production houses pamper her needlessly. Alizeh Shah’s entire career is an example of why not to pamper an actor more than they deserve! Production houses love her but we think she is a lost cause thanks to this pampering. The favoritism from the industry may have hindered her growth and credibility as a performer.

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Dur e Fishan Saleem

Dur e Fishan Saleem is another favorite nowadays who has played the leading role in the popular drama Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi and made a big name for herself. Her styling, make-up, and wardrobe have improved a great deal and now in Jaise Aap Ki Marzi she looks her best. However, these beautiful looks do not make up for her limited range as an actress. In Jaise Aap Ki Marzi there have been so many instances when she failed to meet expectations. Although she has been given the perfect opportunity to play a strong woman on-screen, she has messed it up multiple times. Dur e Fishan’s dialogue delivery lacks clarity in many scenes and her expressions are also not impactful enough. She does not add the appeal to her characters which can make them memorable. Even though she is another favorite among the producers, we think she has a long way to go!

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Zaviyar Nauman

Zaviyar Nauman is the new ladla of the Pakistani drama industry solely because he is Nauman Ijaz’s son! This young man has played a leading role in multiple big dramas in a short span of time and it is difficult to say which performance was the most underwhelming one. The honest and brutal truth is that if he wasn’t Nauman Ijaz’s son he would have ended up playing supporting roles in soap serials for years! Yet, he has been awarded, appreciated, and promoted by the top production houses in the country in a short span of time. Out of all the actors on this list, Zaviyar Nauman has to be the most overrated, and his status as the star son who gets royal treatment goes to show how the showbiz industry works!

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

Arsalan Naseer

Arsalan Naseer was recently given the best actor award at the Lux Style Awards and we were left wondering who voted for him because clearly, he does not have a single decent performance to his credit. Arsalan Naseer delivers his dialogues in the most robotic manner and always fails to align his expressions with his dialogues. He lacks the talent and screen presence to play leading roles in dramas yet he is on a roll! He is another actor who will probably be getting many more leading roles because success as a YouTuber or social media star now makes up for the complete lack of talent in the drama industry.

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now


Khaqan Shahnawaz

Numerous Pakistani actors have spoken about the advantages of having a fair complexion in the Pakistani drama industry. We are guessing that this preference for fair skin is the likely reason behind Khaqan’s frequent casting in various acting projects. We understand that there is a dearth of young actors in the industry but surely if the producers search more seriously, they will have better choices at their disposal. Khaqan Shahnawaz is still in the process of learning how to act yet he is already getting big projects and prominent roles. The production houses also promote him as if he has what it takes to make it to the top but we beg to differ.

7 Most Overrated Pakistani Actors Right Now

While there are many other actors in the drama industry who do not fall in the ‘best’ category, the actors on this list are those who are treated like star actors even though their acting skills leave a lot to be desired.

We are certain many of our readers might disagree with our choices therefore please feel free to share your views.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • Admin sahab are u in ur sense??
    If ayeza is overrated then yumna should be in the top of this list..
    Ayeza is not overrated she performed every character very well . Her every serial is blockbuster…
    On the other hand zaviyar is also a best actor much better than overrated wahaj
    Why u didn’t mentioned wahaj and yumna in this list??
    Show me a single best performance of wahaj ??
    That overrated yuma got every award for her average performances.
    Who cares of this list ayeza has more and more fan following than yumna and wahaj
    Production house ka ladla to wahj hai jis ko aaj kal har mega project mil jata hai with limited acting skills so is yumna.
    Wahaj to is qabil bi nahi k usko ayeza k saath cast kiya jaye.
    Don’t know why reviewit is so against of ayeza

    • No one is against Ayeza but the fact remains that she was never a serious actress nor did she give a memorable performance even in her most popular dramas. Her claim to fame is her iconic looks and wardrobe in Pyare Afzal and Mere Pass Tum Ho. Meanwhile Yumna and Wahaj could make a stupid drama like Tere Bin gain global popularity solely due to their performance and chemistry.

    • Yes I also feel the same way. Review it just promotes their favourite. I like Mahira . If Ayzan is overrated than Mahira is much overrated. But I believe they are really good actresses. Please remove ayeza. It’s very bad to include the actress in the list who has delivered blockbusters like Pyare Afzaal. Mere pass and Chupkay Chupkay and impressed people with her brilliant performances.

      • Yes ayeza was amazing in MPTH and PYare afzal and in chupkay chupkay she did so well better than iqra in suno chanda. She is not overrated at all she is one the best actress of Pakistan much better than many zabadasti ki superstars here.
        I didn’t watch mein badar Mahmood directing skills are so weak that why wahaj is also not doing well in mein.

    • Absolutely right,i felt little bit uncomfortable when wahaj was along ayeza as she is top actress,and wahaj honestly an average actor!!! Admin vachha hai shayad

  • Thank God everyone has finally realized that Ayeza is one of the most overrated actress ever. She was never great at acting and for the past 10 years she has turned more into a style icon and a social media influencer which is the main reason behind her popularity and also the reason for getting big projects.

  • We believe in Ayeza Khan’s supremacy. She is undoubtedly phenomenal, much better than all these young actresses.

  • Well. Ayeza is much better than other superstars in the industry. Every other super actress has given mediocre performances in their few projects. Ayeza has equally been as good as Humyoun n adnan in mere pass tum ho. In pyare Afzaal she managed to create a name in the industry. The type of the character she is given she does complete justice to them. I agree in recent show Mein she failed to impress. But that project is not enough to judge her acting skills.
    Dure Fishaan is another actress who is also doing well I think. She was highly praised by Sarmad Khoosat.
    Rest I agree with.

    • Yes ayeza was amazing in MPTH and PYare afzal and in chupkay chupkay she did so well better than iqra in suno chanda. She is not overrated at all she is one the best actress of Pakistan much better than many zabadasti ki superstars here.
      Yumna also fail to impress in Tere bin and raaz e ulfat so why not include her.
      I didn’t watch mein badar Mahmood directing skills are so weak that why wahaj is also not doing well in mein.

  • If ayeza and hiba are overrated, what about mahira?her dialogue delivery is same in all her projects.both ayeza and mahira are so popular and bag big projects because of their fan following,good looks, style and IG shoots.lets be real!atleast ayeza has done different kinds of characters.mahira sounds and looks the same in every drama and has reached so far because of the backing of Hum.I like her offscreen personality but she is not a great actress, let’s be honest

  • You should add Hania amir and dananeer mobeen to this list.they are social media stars with a large fan following and not serious actors.thet are fair skinned and that is why are continuously cast in leading roles.hania can barely emote because of her botox and plastic surgeries yet she is getting leading roles because of her pretty face and contacts in the industry.otgers like yumna and sajal had to struggle for 10+ years to get fame and recognition in this industry

    • Yes ayeza was amazing in MPTH and PYare afzal and in chupkay chupkay she did so well better than iqra in suno chanda. She is not overrated at all she is one the best actress of Pakistan much better than many zabadasti ki superstars here.
      Yumna also fail to impress in Tere bin and raaz e ulfat so why not include her.
      I didn’t watch mein badar Mahmood directing skills are so weak that why wahaj is also not doing well in mein.

  • I’ve being watching hiba from the start and yes she might have a while to go but she has proven in some of her shows she is capable so I don’t agree bhola bano, meray humnasheen I’m enjoying watching her

  • Please remove dur e fishan and hiba from list….
    The only 2 actresses who actually know how to act their characters
    Dur e Fishan is stunning in Ishq Murshid
    She doesn’t deserve to be on this list…..

  • I agreed everyone in the list even you can add mahira too no do great personality but not a good actress but ladli of everyone but Ayza khan r u serious she is really good may be not best like sajal but definitely don’t deserve to be in the list if you really want to add please go head add maya ali omg same acting no extra effort USA se ayee recent drama main but laga ke Lahore se ayee hai…. Dure fishan no idea she need to work on everything she is huge kahan se heroine BAs white complexion that’s the requirement in Pak

  • Ayeza overrated??? Where the hell yumna and wahaj is!!????
    Ayeza is a superstar ,meenu ,mubashira ,rabail all were outstanding….

    • Absolutely agree ayeza is an amazing actress much better than overrated yumna who don’t know how to act
      Do you know yumna is reviewit favorite they promote shit dramas of yumna like bakhtawar

      • Not Yumna but Ayeza and Mahira have been reviewit favorites from start and it has excessively promoted all their dramas including their bad ones.

        • No you are wrong they post news about ayeza but reviewit.pk always criticise Ayeza even post selectively negative comments under her post. Koi Chand Rakh was huge blockbuster but they criticised it infinitely.