7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

The rewards and blessings of Motherhood are limitless but there is no denying that it can also be one of the most demanding and challenging times for new mothers. Pakistani actresses who have chosen to either take a break from their careers or leave them altogether to prioritize their motherly duties hold a special place in our hearts. These women have made the courageous decision to place the well-being and nurturing of their children above everything else. These actresses put their families before everything else while making this decision. Many of them decided to take a break from their careers or leave them altogether at a time when they were at the peak of their careers.

Here is a list of those well-known Pakistani actresses who prioritized motherhood above their showbiz careers:

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan ruled the Pakistani drama industry for more than a decade. Her vast career won her acclaim. She was still at the peak of her career when she decided to leave showbiz for good. The primary reason behind this decision was her desire to prioritize her married life and devote herself fully to it. Soon after getting married she had her daughter and now she is the mother of two beautiful children. Aisha Khan’s decision went to show that even when she could have easily continued to rule the television screen, she decided to dedicate her time wholeheartedly to her family. Her fans and followers get to see glimpses of her happy life through her social media presence.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma is another Pakistani actress who was loved by the public because of her good looks and unique acting style. She starred in many popular dramas alongside well-known Pakistani actors. She was also doing really well in the field of modeling. After getting married, Arij Fatyma loved abroad and is not the mother of two adorable boys. Arij Fatyma takes motherhood really seriously and enjoys raising her sons. Just like all the other actresses on this list, Arij Fatyma is active on social media and through different platforms she keeps her fans engaged. However, she has clearly prioritized motherhood above her showbiz career.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is an actress and a host who is perhaps loved more for her off-screen personality than her on-screen projects! Sanam Jung is one of those few actresses whose style has always captivated their fans. Sanam Jung’s decision to take a few steps back from her showbiz career as well as the life she was living before she became a mother has been more in the limelight because she has been very open about it. Recently, she moved abroad because she wanted her daughter to be closer to her father. Even though there was no pressure on Sanam to do so, she took this difficult decision as a mother. She keeps on making television appearances whenever she visits Pakistan. She has often expressed how difficult it has been for her to leave everything behind but at the same time she stands by her decision since that is what she thinks is best for her daughter.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam was known for her unique style of acting and she played leading roles in many memorable dramas. However, she stopped acting altogether when her mother passed away and there was no one she could trust with her only daughter. Sadia Imam revealed that she believed raising her daughter and being there for her was the most important thing she had to do in her life right now. She also said in a recent show that she was accountable for her role as her mother and she did not want her daughter to question her about this aspect of her life once she grew up. Sadia Imam recently started appearing on shows with her daughter but has no plans to return to acting because she considers being a mother a full-time job!

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan gained popularity at a young age and even now has a massive fan following on social media. She started her acting career as a child star and decided to take a long break from acting after she became a mother. Aiman Khan is the mother of two beautiful daughters and ever since she embraced motherhood, she has not stepped back into acting. Although, she still has a social media presence which has kept her in the public eye but clearly she has chosen to focus solely on her role as a mother more than that of a celebrity. Aiman Khan has often talked about returning to the screens but only after when she feels it is the right time to do so. Right now, her social media handles clearly indicate that she is enjoying being a full-time mother. Since Aiman Khan decided to take a break from her career at a time when she was enjoying a great deal of popularity, she must be getting a lot of offers even now but her focus has shifted to her family.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Minal Khan

Minal Khan, much like her renowned twin sister, Aiman Khan, made the bold decision to step away from her thriving career when she tied the knot. She took this decision at the peak of her fame, with two of her dramas garnering immense popularity making Minal Khan a household name. Despite being young, Minal Khan gracefully embraced this challenging choice, committing herself to her marriage. Recently embracing motherhood, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to nurturing her family. Unlike some peers who find it extremely difficult to make such decisions, Minal Khan exuded contentment in her choice, finding profound joy in prioritizing her family over her showbiz career.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

Mehreen Raheal

Mehreen Raheal was one of the most well-known models of the Pakistani entertainment industry and she worked in quite a few mega projects as an actress as well. She was known for her unique style as well as her beautiful looks. Now, she is busy raising her two beautiful children and is also pursuing her dream of being a chef. Mehreen Raheal’s daughter has Autism and she often shares her beautiful thoughts about the unique personality traits of individuals who are on the spectrum. As a mother of a child who requires more attention than a child who is neurotypical, Mehreen Raheal clearly made a choice which has been a rewarding one. She shares her life with her social media followers and has not completely vanished. But she has definitely decided to prioritize motherhood over her career just like all the other mothers on this list.

7 Pakistani Actresses Who Prioritized Motherhood

All these Pakistani actresses have proven that being a mother can truly change a woman’s priorities and motherhood is worth the sacrifice!


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