8 Times You see a loser in Yourself!

Being alive is a blessing , they say . There are times when life appears before you as a bed of roses but just like every bright side has a twin sister known as the dark side , there are OTHER times as well which can make you dwell into existential crisis.

1: When you intend taking over the world and you’re all set but then the oh-you-can-do-it-tomorrow feeling drops by  and you bid goodbye to your motivational spirits .

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2: When you see your ex getting engaged to someone else and you’re shut inside your room , crying rivers , cursing the couple and listening to -“dill ke armaan ansoon mein beh gaye !”

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3: When all your diet and workout plans go wrong and all you do is – can’t stop eating !

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4:When you know you’re multi-talented but none of your world-conquering ideas really work.

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5:When you see your friends doing great with their social lives and you , on the other hand , sit alone. The idle feels make you realize how you’re so socially awkward ( sighs)

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6: When all your friends are getting married and you’re still single , ready and hoping to mingle.

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7: You scrutinize your personality , in search of talents and things you’re good at but ,in vain ! …you’re not even good at house stuff ! :/


8:And the most sucking moment is when you’re done with studies but can’t get yourself to decide what to do with your life . Oh the feels here are absolutely despondent !

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These times suck , for they make you question your good for nothing existence and you wonder ” what even am I doing with my life? “

Maryam Suleman