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A Class System Has Been Introduced In The Film Industry – Resham

Resham is making a comeback in films after a long break of eight years. She started her career with hit films like Jeeva and Chor Machaye Shor. Resham recently gave an interview to a reputed magazine in which she disclosed that she got bored in the film industry after spending ten years in cinema. That is when she decided to go back to television and modeling.

Resham said that she only wanted to work if she was offered a different role which she got in Swaarangi. While Resham is happy with the many positive changes in the industry she also thinks that some negative changes have been made in the industry too.


“A class system has been introduced in the industry. People with better education, with more money and social standing, tend to look down upon veterans of the industry. They believe that they belong to a ‘superior’ class of filmmakers. This is wrong. One has to value and respect seniority and experience. Our seniors, perhaps a little less educated, kept the industry alive through the years. And it was not always easy.” Said Resham during her interview.


Resham is very excited about her film Swaarangi because according to her the story of the film is very meaningful and it is very pleasing visually.