Aagha Ali Opens Up About His Relationship With Hina Altaf

When Aagha Ali recently celebrated Hina Altaf’s birthday, surprising her with a party and gifts, the grapevine went flooding with news that the two were dating.

The two were then spotted together as well and their chemistry in their last project on TV, Dil E Ghumshuda, was amazing, which led to tabloids believing that there was indeed something cooking between Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf.

However, when rumors became too loud to control, Aagha Ali took to social media and confessed what he felt about Hina Altaf.

“Hina is a fantastic girl. I really like her. In fact I love the person that she is. We spend very healthy time together, play video games and have attended a few events together too. We’re really good friends,” said Aagha Ali.

“People have this habit. If i post a picture with someone today, that’ll make a scandal tomorrow and say we have a thing going on,” added the Dil e Ghumshuda star.

Aagha Ali had previously been dating Sarah Khan. The two called it quits suddenly when Sarah stated she had been pained and hurt in the relationship.

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